28th July 2019

Developing an Eye Through
the Ones of Others

'India is a terribly beautiful place.' - Hugo Kohler

'Sun' | The sun to an electrical boy. | Allahbad

'Steps' | Rajasthan

'Lively Ruins' | Rajasthan

'X-Ray Damage' | We thought it was great that India was building wind-turbines in the desert. But later we found out their sole purpose was to power the electric fence bordering Pakistan. | Rajasthan

'Walking Dog' | One of my favourite photos ever. | Rajasthan

'Boy Playing' | Varanasi

'Selfie' | Sacred river, Varanasi

'New York' | Varanasi

'Old Bat' | Possibly the greatest game in the world. | Udaipur

'Needles' | Heroin chic. | Jaisalmer

'Portrait' | 15 rupee. | Varanasi

'Sleeping Dog' | All is forgiven. | Varanasi

'Captain' | One of my dreams is to build a boat. | Varanasi

'Photographer' | On the bank of Yamuna. | Agra

'Fisherman' | Yamuna ruins. | Agra

'Taj' | Cutting through the stunning curve of India's most famous monument is a river bank completely made out of garbage. | Agra

'Serene' | Boats on the Ganga. | Allahabad

'Three Men in a Boat.' | Varanasi

'Birds' | Capital airspace. | Delhi

'Sleeping Man & Resting Buffalo' | Varanasi

'Vessel' | Varanasi

'Train' | Peas in Newspaper. | Uttar Pradesh

'Following the Ganga' | The sun was setting. | Uttar Pradesh

'Leaving Varanasi' | Varanasi

'Heroin Bridge' | No time to focus. | Delhi

'Meals' | Varanasi

'Morning Ride' | The tea was nice. | Jaisalmer

'Sleeper' | Arriving in Delhi very early. | Delhi

'Room' | Mumbai

'Skull' | A Quebecois lady resides in a Varanasi hostel. | Varanasi

'Lock' | Varanasi

'Animal' | Would make a great pair of shoes. | Varanasi

'Holy' | A dragonfly rests on a step of a ghat. | Varanasi

'Self-portrait' | The vaxirab was getting to me. | Mumbai

'Cricket' | India vs. Pakistan | Jaisalmer

'Morning Glory' | Farm land in Rajasthan. | Rajasthan

'Alejandro' | How does an abandoned vessel find itself without a sea? | Varanasi

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